Maroubra Beach Clean It Up – A Success!


What a great way to start our Sunday morning! And what a great activity for our home summer sessions…. The Maroubra Beach Clean It Up first ever beach clean day organised by the Maroubra Community Facebook Page.

An 8am start and the temp was already pushing 24 degrees – our home estate agents team and their families arrived at Maroubra Beach with their buckets, gloves and intention to collect as much rubbish as possible in one hour. They were greeted by a large 60+ group of enthusiastic Maroubra community members all with the same intention!


John Castrisos, founding director of home estate agents taking on the South end of the beach – Maroubra Beach Clean it Up Feb 3,  2019

Our team was designated the south end in between the early beach goers, Minnows and the blue bottles we weaved our way to the far south head. Happy to report that the sand area was actually pretty clean. It was more the walkways, the grass and bushy areas towards the car parks that were a bit littered.


Andrew Anastassiou, managing director, home estate agents – Maroubra Beach Clean it Up Feb 3,  2019


Ali G with the golden touch – Maroubra Beach Clean it Up Feb 3,  2019

The other aspect of the clean up which we are loving is the meeting new members of the community – too often we (us all) get a little stuck in routine without comming up for air. This was a great “reset”.

The home estate agents team at Maroubra Beach Clean it Up Feb 3,  2019 – photo courtesy of Maroubra Communty Facebook Group

What we managed to collect between 60+ volunteers

Rubbish collected in total! – Maroubra Beach Clean it Up Feb 3,  2019

If you missed this clean up the next one has already been scheduled – head over here for more info at the Maroubra Community Facebook page or email the organisers directly here – we would love to see more business getting involved!

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